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From the "24~7" TeleDesk of plewis6325 at: gmail.com and the recent eMail Bag Contents of UnclePrince@kabaza.net and some of his inter related "Whatchagonnado" TeleScripts

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KCDA TeleFlash News Announcement ~01/05/2013

Latest Volunteer Service Worker Announcements: January 5, 2013


Looks like some of our "local" Metro Detroit area Volunteering (Task Force) Reinforcement Groups have "finally arrived" on the Scene to help us to really speed things up! Please read our 2/28/13 KCDC TeleNews Flash Article for Details, Contact Names and "inter related" TeleProject Summary Objectives!


Kabaza TeleMeeting Synopsis:

for: Tuesday, January 11, 2013


(1) Our local area KCDA TeleBoard Members have "unaminously agreed" to allow "some" of the various 36th District Court "Appointees" and other State of Michigan Probationary Assignees to "physically" Work Off their Court "issued" Fines (and various Sentences.) By "physically doing" various types and kinds of "local area" Community (based) Service Work Projects by fufilling each of the various kinds of Clean Up~Board Up Assignments.That shall be officially developed and be physically and equitably applied. Through out the City of Detroit (and elsewhwere.)


(2) It was also agreed that Captain Dyes (MTA) Boot Camp "Training" Program Assignees, shall be "assigned" to various types and kinds of "local metro Detroit area" Personal Security Squads and/or to various types of "24-7" (based) TeleMonitoring Assignments.  Especially designed to "guard" (and protect) all of the Kabaz Centers (Patrons) Vehicles and that they shall be regularly assigned to "patrol" the perimeters of Mr. Tyree Guytons Hiedelberg (open Air) Art Display Program and to each of the recently proposed (KCDA) "supervised" Arndt Street (and Gratiot Avenue) Pilot Demonstration Projects. That shall be self financed, "independently" developed, financed (and implemented) For this Summers various Community Outreach Programs and Local Development Projects.


(3) The KCDA and various NTC TeleBoard Members have also recently agreed to contact Mr. Paul Bridgewater (and his Staff People) For the purpose of us discussing (and/or negotiating) some of the new "Acting Roles" That we are now in the process of writing for them to play and/or For finding out exactly what kinds of personal (Or financial) assistance they could immediately provide to our TeleGroup (If they chose to do so.) By "collaboratively" enhancing, supporting, developing, directing, promoting, initiating, telefilming and/or financially sponsoring "some" of the various types (and kinds) of "ongoing" DAAA "Older Worker" TeleJob Placement Projects. That we have collaboratively created and/or have collectively developed for them. For the specific purpose of our various MTA TeleYouth Cadets "physically assisting" and/or electronically "teleservicing" most of the various "personal" request, problems and/or various needs of "some" of our various Metro Detroit area Senior Citizen Populations.

KCDA TeleJob (Banner Ad) Announcement 04/01/2013

Please Show Me Who~What~When~Where~Why and Tell Me "How" Can I Get The Do What I Want To Do Information That I Need For My Local Community (based) Organization, eBlock Club or My TeleChurch Members?


BooYah.....and a positive "Heads Up" Umoja and Ujamaa "Related" Greeting to You and to all of my Facebook Friends and other Social Media Site Audiences and to all of You local metro Detroit area 501-c-(3) c-(4) and (14) based LCD's (Local Community Job Developers) and variously "contributing"eBlock Club Directors and to our "volunteering" K.I.C.K.A.S.S  (Kabaza Inspired College Kids and Smartest Students) and to our proactive "Online" TeleMembers.....From Your Dear Old UnclePrince@kabaza.net eMail Bag Contents concerning  some of the "current" Reader Feed Back Comments and "innovative" new Ideas. That I am currently recieving from some of our enlightend "local area" People who are stilll interested in funding, continuing and/or "cooperatively filming" some of our "Battle for the Packard Plant" (Telefilming) Projects, Fundraising Activities and "24~7" Training Programs.


This recently created PDF Document File and (interactive) teleposted "TeleMission Statement"


This is a newly "telescripted" TeleSynopsis of the "Original" WNNT (Welfare Networks~NuAge Technologies) previous future "Self Help" Training Programs and contains a germinating "Overview" of the KCDA (Kabaza Community Development Associations) "past" History, our "current" Fundraising Goals, our "collective" Telemarketing Skills and a "sneak preview" of some of our (future) "inter related" 24~7 TeleJob~TeleWork Objectives and various (ICU) Job "related "Stage and TeleMovie (Auditioning) Schedules. That we have covertly (and overtly) developed for the purpose of "cooperatively" establishing and implementing "some" of our various types of Hiring, Firing and TeleTraining Policies and/or For the purpose of this local Detroit (Area) TeleGroup "re activating" other "inter related" types and kinds of Financial Transperency Objectives that were planned or co developed back in 1998. Some of these various KCDA and MTA "created" Nu Solutions Concepts and some our "current" TeleFilming Projects and various "inter connected" (and interactive) TeleWork Shop Programs. Were also mutually created, "duly" formed and legally registered in the City of Detroit (Michigan) in 2005.


As a "unique" kind of NewAge~NeoTech "minded" Think Tank and potential "End of Time" Bibilically (based) TeleSermon (Preaching) Tool for our NTC "ordained" TelePastors and our 24~7 "Operated" TeleTraining "Co*Op" Organizations and as a "Computerized" Chat Room Network and Telecommunications Vehice for the purposes of "coalescing" some of the proactive (local area) Advisory Boards and DAAA "Senior Citizens" Older Worker (Job Placement) Programs and other inter related Projects. That would be mutually created, funded and eventually be implemented in the very near future. For the specific purpose of them helping the KCDA in their earnest efforts to "personally" mentor and/or council "some" of our MTA (Metro TeleYouth Academy) Boot Camp Program Participants. Who are now in the process of "collaboratively" developing, administrating, using, installing, servicing and/or (remotely) telemonitoring various types and kinds of "Non Profit" (based) 501-c-(3) Umbrella Associations, and various Urban and Cultural (Development) Programs and as Mobilized "24~7"  Sentries (and KCDA TeleSales Program Representatives) for some of our innovative "NewAge" (State of the Art) Central Stations. That are currently under development for some of our various "participating" and/or sponsoring local metro area eBlock Club Developers and various "Non Profit" (and Private for Profit) local Detroit, Michigan (based) LCDO's (Local Community Development Organizations.) To use as a cost effective "prototype" Model for some of the various "electronically" Computerized (iNet) Networking Medias and various types (and kinds) of "Off Site" TeleConferencing Studios.


That would be especially telepromoted, created, constructed, custom designed and/or be reversed engineered. For the specific purposes of the Kabaza Community Development Association's (KCDA) "Professionally (trained) TeleStaff Personnel, various IntraNet Chatroom Host, various (DAAA) Older Worker Placement TeleConsultants and various types of eBoard of Directors "electronically overseeing" using and/or (remotely) TeleManaging "some" of the various Activities and Business Transactions of our various "volunteering" Members and some of our local metro Detroit, MI area WNNT (Welfare Networks-Nuwave Technologies) Organizations and some of the various "anonymous" TeleSponsors and  various 900# (based) Contributors. Who are now in the process of "independently" and "collectively" telefunding, "mutually" sponsoring, "collaboratively" telefilming, "professionally" teaching and/or "technically" advising some of these local independent and (inter connected) "NewAge~NeoTech" SysOp (Off Premise Based) "24~7" TeleStation Operators, various (KCDA) TeleProgram Developers, Urban Farm Gardening Directors and various local metro Detroit area TeleManagers of some of our various (local area) KCDA Food (Banking) TeleGroups, and/or "some" of the duly "authorized" and/or "electronically elected" Stewards of some of our local Internet and IntraNet (based) Social (and TeleDate related) Networking TeleCommittees various "inter active" FaceBook, Skype and Google+ (hosted)  Chat Rooms and some of our "Virtual" TeleConferencing Stations.. 


That have been especially created, mutually established, telefunded and/or are now being electronically activated. For the explicit purpose of the (KCDA) Organizations various "Online" Members and "contributing" TeleSponsors "mutually" oprating and/or using and "some" of our "Officially Registered" (Food CO*OP) Members and/or "some" of our various MTA (Metro TeleYouth Academy) Program Participants and "dedicated" Boot Camp (Drill) Instructors and some of our variously faithful (NTC) TeleChurch Pastors and other "dedicated" Congregation Ministers. Who are also currently in the process of "electronically" Developing, Researching, Documenting, TelePreaching. Or "collaboratively" Telescripting various types and kinds of TeleStory Lines and Movie Scenes for various types (and kinds) of strange and intriguing "NewAge" Concepts and "End of Tme" (Religious) TeleSermons, and various types of You Tube "provided" Conspiracy Theories. For "some" of the (KTS) TeleMovie Extras and various Associate Producers (and Directors.) Who are now personally or "collectively" assembling, registering, self financing, coalescing, researching, mutually using and/or "collaboratively" TeleFilming, TeleBroadcasting "physically" TelePromoting "cooperatively" TeleServicing, "electronically" Testing, TeleProgramming and/or "mutually" TeleFunding, "similar" types (and kinds) of Idea Factories, various "Think Tank" (Equipment) Providers and various kinds of (mutual) Neighborhood "Revitalization" Programs" or are now in the process of "professionally" Acquiring, Repairing, Recycling (Or collaboratively Demolishing) various types (and kinds) of "Donatable" Residential Housing, Vacant Lots and various "Abandoned" Commercial Properties and/or are now in the process of "mutually" TeleMarketing and/or "collectively" addressing, improving and/or personally solving "some" of the various types (and kinds) of Social, Personal, Financial, Mechanical, Educational, and various local Medical (Delivery) Problems and/or:


Other Special Technical or Financial Needs of "some" of our local "Out Area" and "Out State" (electronic) TeleVoting Forums and Off Site "24~7" TelePolling Stations and/or some of our various "participating" eWork Shop Developers, TeleTalker Chat Room Host and variously "contributing" (Kabaza) TeleStaff, Personnel, Boot Camp Drill Instructors, TeleShop Merchants, various "Online" TelePartners, TeleSponsors, various "contributing" (KCDA) TeleNews Street Reporters, TeleVendors, variously "contributing" Board Members, and some of our various Kabaza.Net "Affillated" TeleProgramming Directors, various "24~7" (based) TeleHelp Consultants and various types and kinds of 900#Number (based) Service Providers, various  "anonymously" Contributing TeleDonors and some of the "immediate"(personal) Housing Needs of our various eBock Club Directors, various "3/4" Probationary (Housing Program) Developers, and various WNNT, KTS, and MTA (Sponsored) Video Photographers, Actors, Studio Technicians and/or some of our very Religiously "minded" TeleChurch Congregation Members, various types (and kinds) of NTC "Ordained" TeleChurch Pastors, various types (and kinds) of Kabaza, iNet and IntraNet (based) TeleSponsors, variously "associated" (KTS) connected "Whatchagonnado" TeleFilm Movie Producers, various TeleScript Writers and/or some of our Advising "Senior" Associate (TeleConsulltant) Groups. Who are already "personally" socially (Or financially) involved with some of our variously "self motivated" KCDA "supervisory" TeleCommittees composed of Earnest, HonestGenerous, Strangely Talented and "Bashful" Anonymously "contributing" TeleDonors, and various types and kinds of loyal, truthful, hard working , dedicated and (Benevolent) "minded" Flash Mob (TeleProgram) Participants, various TeleNews (Street) Reporters and other variously contributing;


Benefactors, Technical Computer Geeks, and various local metro Detroit area (based) DAAA "assigned" Senior Advising Consultants, various types (and similar kinds) of volunteering "semi retired" Educators,and some of our dedicated "undercover" Police Officers, variously ranked On and "Off Duty" (DFD) Fire Fighters, and various "Laid Off" (EMS) First Responder Recue Teams, and some of the various returning "frustrated" unemployable, misplaced (and Homeless) "Metro Area" VietnamGulf War and Afganistan Service Veterans, and some of our variously "retired" Millitary Drill Instructors, and various types (and kinds) of Politically Correct "thinking" Advocates and various "Socially Concerned" Community Activist, and local metropolitan eBlock Club Developers, and some of our various "volunteering" (Metro Detroit Area) Teenagers and professionally "Licensed" Electrical Contractors. Who are also already personally, technically, physically (Or financially) involved, With some of the various local Home Inprovement (ProContractor) Repairmen. Who are also working along with "some" of our various local metro Detroit area Cultural Historians, and various types (and kinds of) professional "Freelancing" Video Photographers, iNet (based) "24~7"TeleWatchers, various "future" ICU Burglar Alarm Installers and a whole bunch of other vocal, highly intelligent, semi angry, disgruntled, articulate (and similarly talented) local metropolitan Detroit area (based) Retail Sales Personnel and other "underemployed" (and knowlegeable) Welfare Program "created" Dummies and Vidiots. 


Who are also voluble, highly "intelligent" and "articulate" Spokes People and/or were former Community Activist in various Cival Rights Organizations and are now part of the self motivated, dedicated, Individuals "Professionally seasoned" Social Soldiers, Boot Camp DI's, and other "participating" (Or potential) Networking Instructors. Who are also really ready, willing and technically able to cooperatively work "shoulder to shoulder" with "some" of our "especially" talented (Kabaza) "recruited" TeleStaff Personnel, and various types of (KTS) "Performing" Artist, and some of our various ICU "Computer" Programming Technicians, and some of our variously Bonded (and insurable) State Licensed Contractors, and/or with "some" of our previous "volunteering" State Provided (Or 36th District Court Appointed Assignees) and various Community Service Workers, various Wayne State University Students, our former (FIA) Welfare Assignees. And some of the variously confused, clueless, displaced (and so called) "Crazy, Shiftless and Lazy" Street People.


Who eventually "joined up" together "simply because" they were very sick and tired of always being sick, tired, remorseful, unemloyed (and broke) and would eventually come together (25 Years Later.) For the specific purposes of them co developing, establishing and/or using"some' of the various "mutually developed" EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) Accounts. That shall be "elecroncally" created and be financially established at: Bank of America. By this "proactive" Kabaza TeleGroup. For the explicit purposes of these various Kabaza.Net (based) TeleGroups (remotely) coordinating the "expenditure" of some of their various KCDA "created" TeleCash Monies, and some of their various USDA (issued) Food Stamps Credits. To be collected and be collabortively used for the purpose of mutually "Overseeing" some of the various types (and kinds) of Personal Resources that they each had then, and/or could be conveniently used right now. For the explicit purpose of these NewAge "2013" local Detroit area TeleGroup (Coalition) Members and Urban Gardeners "collectively purchasing" Herds of Cattle and literally Acres of the various Organically Grown "Pesticide Free"" Vegetable Crops. That shall be needed, collectively grown, harvested (and be collaboratively pre sold) In order to pay for some" of the various types (and kinds) of Professional Skills.


That shall be needed in order for them tor any local Community (based) Organization to "Collectively Pool" some of their "Common Resources" together and/or. To learn "how" to collectively develop, use and/or remarket "some" of the "special" Computer (related) Talents that would be eventually developed (and be needed) in the very near future. In order for them to individually and/or collaboratively create, establish, electronically use, promote and/or To personally profit from the various Sales Commissions to be paid and/or be mutualy shared from the "collaborative" remarketing of our various  LAN (Local Area Networks) VidiComs (Video Information Compilers) Kiosk Stations and various (Inter connected) "24~7" (based) Online TeleServices.


That are now currently been made available to the General Public and to private "speculating" Investors and to some of our "local metro area" Entreprenuers. For the purposes of them co sponsoring (Or financing) some of these new Ujamaa (like minded) "2013" TeleGroup Coalitions. Who are "collectively" aquiring, using" mutually" installing and/or purchasing "some" of the various Internet Tools, Products and Networking Broadcasting Equipment. That shall be cooperatively bought, and/or be needed for the"specific" purposes of the KCDA Organization "collaboratively" consolidatingcentralizing and/or "electronically" coordinating "some" of their "similar" Training Programs, and various local metro area Community (based) Fundraising Programs and/or For "some" of their various local metropolitan Detroit "area" Community (based) Clean Up Projects and various Socially "related" (Self Help Based) Development Programs, and/or various kinds of local Detroit area Redevelopment Projects and/or "some" of their various types of "proactive" "24~7" Anti Crime Prevention Objectives. By coalescing with this (Detroit) TeleGroup Coalition and with other "local metro area" (based) Neighborhood (Social) Groups, Churches, and "various" (KCDA) eBlock Club Developers and/or With some of the various types and similar kinds of  501-c-(3) Organizations and various c-14 (based) Federally "Chartered"


Organization Developers and various "volunteering" Community Residents. Who are also legally, physically, privately and/or (financially) "Doing Something" about mutually addressing and collaboratively solving some the "most" horrid dangerous (and filthy conditions) of "some" our worst local area Innercity Neighborhoods. Citywide and "some" of the "ludicrous" High Unemployment Rates of our Neighborhood Youth. By forming, staffing (and self funding) a new kind of "proactive" Coalition Group. Composed of them, their "frustrated" Parents and other "similarly angry" Adults who are now ready to become "proactively" involved with some of our various "professional" (KCDA~MTA~KTS~WNNT) TeleJob Developers and local area MTA (Boot Camp Drill Instructors) Who really "believe" that they can also "collaboratively" address, co develop, collaboratively implement and/or actually provide "some" of the NewAge Solutions needed. In order to "fix" and/or to solve "some" of the various Social and local Criminal Problems. That we have "collectively" personally and/or deliberately "inflicted" on ourselves. By (a) NOT forming a "new" NeoTech (based) "proactive minded" TeleGroup Coalition. Composed of their "Wayward" Teenagers, their Parents and other "simillarly angry" Adults and/or (b) By NOT Working with (some) of our "Like Minded" Brothers, Sisters, and/or With some of the local metro area Teenagers involved. Who are actually willfully causing and/or inadvertently "commiting" some of these various Violent and Criminal Activities.


Or by (c) By "Temporarily Forgetting" to also INVOLVE a few of our local "independent" Brave, Loyal Patriotic (and local Business Minded) "Distant"(Kinfolk) African, Caucasian, Hispanic, Arabic and Asian Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, Step Brothers, their Fathers, Mothers and/or some of their (future) Sons, Sisters and Daughters-In-Laws "everywhere" on Earth.  Who also have some of the various types (and kinds) of "importable" local Products and re marketable (Or recycelable) "UNSOLD" Valuable Merchandise, and various kinds of Home (and Custom) Made Inventories, Goods, Wares, Vehicles, Tools, Equipment, Vacant Properties and/or other various types and kinds of Special (Personal) Services. To "immediately" contribute, export (Or freely donate) to some of our "participating" Community Groups. Who are among the People who also have various types of "similar" Social Consternations and/or local (future) Political Aspirations to fufill and/or are now finally "brave" enough to actually "risk" some of their Time, Money, Professional Careers, Corporate Law Suits, Business Reputations, and/or maybe even their Freedom or Personal Saftey, Social Status (Or Credit Ratings)


"IF" they are brave (and bold enough) help "Upset the Systems Apple Cart" and actually agree to volunteer, finance "professionally" support (Or Technically provide) This "Nuwave" TeleGroup Coalition with a "innovative" new means (Or Methodology) For some of the various "Officially" Registered and/or "Subscribing" (Online) Kabaza.Net (Coalition) Members of these variously associated (Or affiliated) KCDA TeleGroups and TeleConferencing Attendees, and various VidiCom (Kiosk) Station Users to be able to"mutually" program, continually installservice and/or operate "some" of the various (NeoTech) "NewAge"Telecommunication Systems and/or various types (and kinds) of local metro area Internet and IntraNet (based) Networks.


That have been especially created and/or have been specifically designed as a brandable new means to "allow" some of our various "Online" and "TeleTalker" Chat Room (based) TeleProgram Host and various "24~7"(connected) TeleProgram Participants. To "electronically" Exchange, Barter, Trade, Swap. Or to "collaboratively" Self Promote (some) of their "valuable" Skills, Spare Time, Reusable Resources, Talents, local Products and other "similar" Services and the special kinds of expertise. That the "Original" WNNT Group"envisioned" (in 1988) would be needed in the very near future. In order for this "current" (NeoTech) Group to be able to Help "visualize" Guide, Telefund (and support) "some" of these "present" KCDA and WNNT TeleGroup Organizations. In "some" of their"officially"register, "collectively" promote, telefund, co develop and/or "professionally" operate "some" of the various types and kinds of "24-7" (Work at Home Based) BYOB Programs. That shall be mutually created to remotely monitor, mutually telefund, buy, administrate, start, use and/or to "mutually" supervise "some" of the various types and kinds of local metro Detroit Area "24~7" eBlock Club (Operated) ICU Security Alarm "Installation" Training Programs, and/or some of the various types (and kinds) of Online Workshops, and/or various types of Video Chat Rooms, and various Senior Citizen (based) TeleChore Service (Provider) Operations and other "similarly related" and/or "vitally needed" 900# (Fundraising) Telephone Lines, Computers, TeleTraining Projects and other "NewEra" (Developed) TeleCommunication(Conferencing) Equipment and "OffSite" LAN Networks. That the "Original" Programming WNNT Nerds "felt" would be needed by our Children THEN and by some of "our" local metro Detroit area Residents RIGHT NOW. Throughout the State of Michigan (and elsewhere.)

The WNNT (Welfare Networks~Nuwave Technologies) Training Program was also previously established as a free "Private for Profit" local (metro Detroit area) Coalition Group  composed of several "very angry" Welfare Recipients (and some of their reliable) honest, dedicated, loyal (and multi- talented) Distant Cousins, Brothers and a lot of "hard working" and "dedicated" Sisters.  Who were also very seriously concerned about their personal safety and/or "under employment" Problems, their "insufficent" Welfare Checks and the (future) "state" of their local Detroit area Communities. Who mutually decided to individually, collaboratively (and collectively) create a "new" Game Changing "Self Help" Program for themselves (and for their Children) and/or for the specific purposes of You and virtually EVERYONE ELSE reading these KCDA (TeleMission) Statements.  Who want to become "actively" involved by actually physically, collectively (or financially) DOING SOMETHING together.   In order to physically (or financially) change something. By either volunteering "SOME" OF THEIR MONEY, THEIR FOOD STAMPS, THEIR IDLE TIME (Or Personal Resources) needed and/or By "professionally providing" some of the various types (and kinds) of Special (Technical) Networking Skills, Self Help Education Plans, Spiritual Guidance, Leadership Abilities, various types of State Licenses, various types of Teaching Credentials, various Lines of Personal Credit and/or "some" of the various kinds of Professional, Legal, Financial expertise andor various kinds of Technical Information.


That their original local "NewAge" TeleGroup Association Members "envisioned" would be immediately need (In the very near future.) For the specific purpose of this "current" Co*Op "minded" Community Development Association and various volunteering and sponsoring Community Service Workers, Corporations, various local area Retail Businesses, and other (future) Community (Or Corporate Based) Organizations, Neighborhood Churches, eBlock Clubs, Boot Camps and locally "affiliated" (Or associated) Local Area Development Groups and their "subscribing" Investment Coalitions. Who shall be "collaboratively" joining, creating, "collectively" using, co developing, mutually financing "personally" telemarketing, demonstrating (Or cooperatively) operating "some" of the various types of Kabaza and iNet (based) TelePrograms. That shall be needed, telefunded, co created, commercially filmed (and be mutually used) For the explicit purpose of these local area "Grass Root" TeleGroups "inter linking" coalescing and/or (inter connecting) With some of the various Urban Gardening (Program) Developers and (future) "simlar minded" TeleGroup Coalitions and/or with each of the various local metro Detroit area Community (based) Development Organizations. Who would be "personally" financing and/or "collectively" developing similar programs for tbe specific purposes of "implementing" some of the similar types and kinds of NeoTech (based) TeleManagement Proceedures. That shall be mutually developed for the explicit purposes of contacting various types and kinds of (proactive) "NewAge~NuWave" and NewEra (based) Telefunding Sources.


That shall be co developed for the specific purposes of these "future" KCDA, MTA and WNNT "connected" TeleGroups (remotely) "Overseeing" and/or "Self Funding" some of the various types and kinds of "24~7" (based) CO*OP Programs to be developed for physically (Or remotely) operating various types and kinds of Food Banking, Storage Programs and "future" Self Preparation (and Catastrophy Survival Projects) Along with some of the various types and kinds of Security (Alarm related) Products and "24~7" Telemonitoring Services and a host of www.entertainment related "Online" Video Chat Rooms, and various "personal" TeleService Operations. That shall evolve from some of the various types (and kinds) of open "inter-related" TeleJob "Positions" That they shall collaboratively create and collectively use. For the explicit purpose of them collectively "remarketing" or programming "some" of our various "Online" TeleProducts, Services and/or some of our (Intranet connected) BYOB "TeleTraining" Programs and/or From some their various "inter related Training Programs (Or inter connected) "24~7" (based) TeleFilming Projects.


That they would have to collaboratively "tweak" (or help co create) for some of our variously "concerned" Detroit (Area) Residents, and/or For some of our local metro area eBlock Club Developers, and/or various kinds of IntraNet and Internet (based) "24~7" NTC TeleChurch Congregations, and/or various types and similar kinds of Special "Future Socially Minded" Planning Group Committees and/or various types (and kinds) of previously "seasoned" MTA (Boot Camp) Sponsors and local Drill Instructors, various Ex Police Officers, Firemen, "former" Ex Military Veterans and local area Politicians. Who shall be working along with "some" of the various "volunteering" telesponsoring (and dedicated) MTA (based) TeleStaff People, various local metro Detroit area TeleBusiness Directors and some of our local "professional" (In House) Administrative Personnel.  Who are also "bonding" together with each other and "with"some of the "seasoned" Members of this new (proactive) innovative NewEra "minded" KCDA TeleGroup Coalition. For the explicit purposes of this local NewAge~NeoTech~End of Time "minded" TeleGroup "electronically" physically (and successfully) coalescing, collaboratively using, cooperatively operating, telepromoting and/or "mutually" telefunding various types and kinds of "non profit" (and private for profit) Community (based)


501-c-(3) and c-14 "State" (and Federally Chartered) Development Organizations, and various types and "kinds" of Religious "minded" TeleChurch Groups, various local metro Detroit "Area" eBlock Club Coalitions, various MTA Boot Camp Training Programs and/or With some of our "anonmously contributing" local KCDA and WNNT (Televoting) Committees. For the specific purpose of this current "NewAge" TeleGroup being able to "successfully accomplish" virtually "anything" that they "think" that they may want to accomplish together and/or being "legally" able to "collectively make" various types of Monetary "Contributions" (In the future) To some of our local metro area Community Organizers, Politicians and eBlock Club Developers and/or To some of our various Detroit (based) "24~7" ePac's (Electronical Political Action Committees.) That are now currently being "mutually" planned, funded and professionally developed. For the specific purpose of this NewAge Coalition Group "collaboratively" (telepromoting) some of our various "Politically Related" Campaign 13 (Themed) "Pull Up Your Damn Pants Programs" and For "telesponsoring" some of the various kinds of (inter related) "Get Off Your Lazy Ass" (TeleVote) "related" Political Campaigns. That shall be "collaboratively" created and be continually posted on the www. Internet and on "some" of the variously located VidiCom Network Systems, and "24-7" TeleTalker Chat Rooms and on some of the various types and kinds of "Off Premise" (Mobilized) ICU Kiosk Stations (and Virtual Electronic Show Rooms.)


That are now being "cooperatively' assembled, co developed, mutually sold, leased and/or now being "collectively" used and/or being re marketed. For the specific purposes of this IntraNet (based) proactive "NewAge" Coalition Group "collectively raising" some of the various amounts of "Seed Monies" needed for the self financing of "some" of the various types and kinds of KCDA~MTA~KTM~WNNT (based) TeleTraining Programs, and for immediately implementing some of the various NTC (New Millennium TeleChurch) "sponsored" TeleProjects planned. For filming and telepromoting "some" of the various Product (Placement) Movie Scenes. That shall be strategically placed into "some" of our "Whatchagonnado" TeleMovie Series. Or are now being "subliminally inserted" into some of the various "inter connected" (Online) Informercials, Announcements, Teleconferencing Equipment and "inter active" KCDA TelePrograms. 


That shall be collectively created, "personally" promoted, sold, rented and/or be widely re broadcasted on "some" of our various VidiCom (based) LAN's (Local Area Networking Systems) Stations and Video Chatrooms and/or on some of the various Computerized "Offsite" VidiCom Kiosk Units.  That are also now being mutually purchased, programmed, developed, constructed (Or now being collaboratively re marketed) As a new "electronic" Fundraising Tool for the purpose of "implementing" some of our various TeleYouth Corp "Hands On" Brick and Mortar Programs and for the purposes of activating "some of" the TeleTraining Projects "currently under development" (Or now being electronically programmed.) For the specific purposes of Uncle Prince, his "Online" TeleStaff Personnel, TeleChat Audiences and this "NewAge" Kabaza TeleGroup Association (collaboratively) implementing "some" of the various (MTA) "created" TeleYouth Corp "Hands On" Training Projects. That are also "currently" under development. For "some" of the various local Detroit area Participants of our various KTS~WNNT~MTA "Directed" IntraNet Promotions and Telemarketing Training Programs and/or For the purpose of each "officially registered" KCDA TeleGroup Participant "collaborative" remarketing of some of their (inter related)


"Online" TeleProducts and/or For them to mutually use as a new means for our local area TeleYouth, Seniors and each "participating" WNNT TeleGroup to collaboratively use. For the explicit purpose of "them" remotely helping and/or advising "some" of our "re educated" (and remotivated) MTA Cadets (and local Street Hustlers) to get their Acts together for the explicit purposes of them "physically" writing, acting, producing, directing (and mutually telefilming) various types (and kinds) of Self Promotional Radio~Cell Phone Ads, various KTS (scripted) TeleMovie Scenes and Television Commercials and/or For the specific purposes of this Coalition Group (collaboratively) "disseminating" various types (and kinds) of local Politically (related) TeleVoting Instructions (and Campaign Literature) and/or collectively acquiring (and using) "all manner" of Neo Tech (related) Telecommunication Equipment. That we shall also make available to "some" of our Youth Corps (and to our Detroit Area Seniors) For the explicit purpose of them "fully" mastering (and/or utilizing) each of the various types and kinds of iNet or ICU (based) Security System Alarms and Social Networking Medias. That shall be needed, created, bought, paid for, telefunded and/or be co developed. For the specific purposes of the Kabaza Community Development Association and these local "proactive" KCDA~KTM WNNT~Kabaz (Coalition) TeleGroups and "everybody" else involved "professionally" documenting, telefilming, "publically" broadcasting, podcasting and/or collectively testing, "tehnically"programming, "independently" using and/or "collaboratively" telefunding "some" of the various types and kinds of (Real Deal) "2013" Political Slates (And Platforms.) That are now being mutually proposed, co created, developed, collaboratively planned. Or are now "currently" under construction. For the "next" upcoming General Elections. That shall be held through out the State of Michigan (and elsewhere.) 










"If" You are one of the "technically qualified" People who are ready, willing (and able) to become one of our "officially authorized" KCDA Board of Directors Members. Or a officially recognized and highly paid (iNet )TeleSales Program Representative? IF Your answer is yes and you really want to obtain more Detailed Information. Please use your "Smart" Phone Camera to "scan" this QR Image. In order to immediately recieve, see and/or hear about our various Quick Response TeleMessages, Current Price Quotes, and our various Products, "inter related" TeleYouth Corp. Training Assignments, "potential" KCDA~KTS TeleStaff Job Openings or "some" of our various "inter related" (MTA) TeleYouth Corp TrainingPrograms.

Original 11/24/2012 Kabaza TeleNews Announcement:


 Why should I Call Yall?  You need to call us because "2012" (and Nibiru) is still coming and you may still have time to prepare yourself and your family for another "possible" Catastropic Celestial Event, Wall Street Meltdown or a "sudden" Worldwide Change. By (1) Praying to GOD to become one the very lucky or "especially enlightend" (and chosen) People. Who shall prepare themselves now to be among the "blessed" survivors of the "King James" Biblical "Wormwood" Prophecies and/or are now "mentally ready" to cope (and deal with) "some" of the "strange" Drug (and Sleep induced) Edgar Cayce and Hopi Indian "Nightmarish Visions" That they both "predicted" would definently occur somewhere around this time period, and to fully understand "why" they were both keenly aware of "why" this "upcoming" Mayan Calendar Date was set for this "End Time" Generation actually witnessing some of the various unfufiled "ancient" Cosmic Predictions and/or "some" of the "current" New World Order Social Movements, various kinds of sneaky "unsavory" (and unethical) Financial Policies and most of the "pre planned" (Worldwide) Social Disruptions (and constant Rumors of War.) That have been collaboratively planned, developed, secretly financed and actually being implemented right now.  Everywhere on this Planet!

Or (2) by becoming one of our locally "Appointed" KCDA  IT or IP TeleManagers of our various "24~7" (based) Inhouse Seminars, Online Workshops, or various www.LAN's (Local Area Networks) Operations. Or (3) by becoming one of our various "professional" local metro Task Force Consultants. Or (4) by becoming a new local metro area Script Writer, Associate Producer or local Director of one of our new Detroit, MI (based) Off Premise TeleFilming Sites. Or (5) by becoming a 'Travelling' Interstate Route (based) Representative. For some of our various mutually related  "24~7" (TeleFilming) Projects. Or (6) by becoming a temporary local area volunteering or a (contributing) TeleMarketing (Sales) Associate.  Or (7) A local Independent KTS (Service) Provider Contractor or (8) becoming one of our "officially authorized" KCDA~ICU (TeleSystem) Owner~Operators. Or (9) by becoming a "Commercially minded" TeleBusiness Sponsor of some of our various "24~7" TeleSite (based) Filming Locations. Or (10) by becoming a "Mobile" Traveling Interstate TeleService (Route) Vendor For "some" of our various KCDA~MTA~WNNT~NTC (connected) SysOp TeleStation Bases. "IF" Your Answers is Yes to any of these Questions above.  Please eMail, Drop Off (Or send) in each of Your "personal" eMails, Job Resumes, Business Plans, Personal Ideas, TeleScripts, TeleStories, Your "basic" Salary RequirementsYour various Work Histories and TeleJob~TeleWork Applications. To any of our "Online" KCDA SysOP (iNet) Operators at: UnclePrinceUmoja @kabaza.net/teleworker/jobs

These following NTC (NewMillennium TeleChurch Congregation) Public Announcement (Reprints) were  previously printed in our Feburary 2, 2013 NTC TeleChurch Newsletter edition and was also recently discussed and seriously debated on some of our various "24-7" IntraNet & Internet (Hosted) TeleTalker (Chat Room) Network Conversations. That were also specifically held "online" to reach each of the various Individuals (and Workaholics.) Who already "knew" or (or felt) That they were among the very sincere, loyal and dedicated "honest" Guru's and especially "enlightened" People (and weird Conspiracy Theorist.) Who were also "seriously interested" Survivalist and/or were among the local "Self Motivated" Individuals.  Who were mysteriously told to call one of the "special" KCDA (TeleHelp) Hotlines at: (313) 817-8241 and/or where to meet some of our various KCDA (TeleStaff) Speakers in Detroit, Michigan (at our 6352 Gratiot Avenue Location) and/or where to visit our Organizations Street Reporters (Online) at "anytime" that they really wanted to at: plewis6352@gmail.com or at: kabaza.net/2012/telejob/info            In order to immediately recieve,       re distribute or use "each" of the various types (and kinds) of KCDA~Kabaz~NTC~MTA "issued" TeleJob Application Papers, TeleVendoring Forms various types of legal and "personal" IOU Prommisory Notes and/or other types of "Official" Business and TeleChurch "Ethical Agreement" Contracts. That they were "specifically seeking" to recieve back and/or re submit.

If You Know You are really "ready" to TCB with Uncle Prince and/or the Associate Directors of the KCDA. You can text them at: prince6352 or call "Uncle Prince" anytime at: (313) 686.7884 or visit our new FAQ Web Page at: www.kabaza.net/4TeleHelp/info  In order to  contact me (Kofi Heru) Or contact Your "officially registered" Kabaza TeleSponsor for futher detailed and updated" TeleProgram Information."

Our new TeleWork Website Station is now Online. In order for You and Your local Detroit TeleCrews to "immediately" recieve various types of (updated) "2012-13" TeleJob Information concerning our various "Whatchagonnado" Role Casting Calls and/or various "upcoming" Stage Auditioning Schedules (and Interview Dates.) IF you are really seriously interested in doing something postive in "Your" local area Neighborhood.  Please Contact: Mr. P.H. Lewis Jr,  Brother Kofi Heru or our Dear  "Queen" Mother (Ayo) Audrey Hunter  "Online" at: kabaza.net In order to recieve more detailed information, future Audition and "Appointment" Dates various Virtual (TeleJob) TeleTour Visits and Job Interviews............... :>)